GIVE LOCAL 757 – May 11, 2021 is giving day!!


TODAY, May 11, 2021 is GIVING DAY!!!
You have until 11:59pm to GIVE!!!

Southeastern Virginia Health System is challenging you to ask 4 people to donate by 4:00pm TODAY!!!!!!!

LET’S DO OUR PART!!!!! – Let’s do our part to help a patient in need. Quality healthcare beyond primary healthcare is essential. However, there are patients who are unable to receive continued healthcare, i.e., diagnostic testing, specialty care, etc. due to their inability to pay. It is because of your generous donation that patients are able to receive quality healthcare and live the healthier life that they so rightfully deserve.

Click to donate:

It's seeing a patient smile. It's offering a helping hand. It's knowing what you do matters. It's a million things, big and small.