What Is Medication Assistance?

At SEVHS we are dedicated to ensuring everyone has access to affordable medications. There are a lot of resources out there to help patients gain access to these medications. Our Medication Assistance Program helps patients navigate these resources, apply for eligible programs, and obtain medications for less cost. Resources may include:

  • Drug manufacturer patient assistance programs (PAPs)
  • Drug copay or discount cards
  • Referral to retail pharmacy discount drug list

Who Qualifies?

Anyone can reach out to the Medication Assistance Program, however, everyone may not qualify for all available resources. Some programs have restrictions based on:

  • Legal residence
  • Insurance status
  • Income guidelines according to the Federal Poverty Level

How Does It Work?

Medication Assistance Program Coordinators and a pharmacist will assess your medication list and work with you to develop a medication access plan. We’ll determine if you qualify for free or discounted brand name medications from drug manufacturers. If eligible, we’ll work with you to complete the application and apply to the program. You may also be given drug coupon cards or be referred to a pharmacy discount drug list to receive medications for a discount. We may also work with your doctor to suggest switching to an alternate medication for cost savings purposes.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact a Medication Assistance Program Coordinator who will support you throughout the process. If you qualify for a specific medication assistance resource, you may be required to send proof of income (1040 Federal tax form and recent pay stubs). While some resources, such as copay cards, may be activated and used immediately, other resources may take up to eight to 10 weeks to obtain medications.

To contact a medication assistance coordinator please call 757-380-8709.

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