Quality Healthcare Within Reach — A 501(C)(3) Organization



Whether you’re social distancing or just don’t feel well enough to leave the house, you can speak with a provider via our new telehealth service and get the help you need.

Everyday care

Wake up with the flu or a questionable rash? We diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses, so you get the care you need without having to visit the ER or see specialists.

Wellness and prevention

Your health isn’t simply a matter of fate. We can help you discover proactive, effective ways to stay healthy, prevent disease, and live longer.

Pediatric Health

From routine check-ups to unexpected visits, our pediatric team is dedicated to helping your child stay healthy through every milestone.

Chronic conditions

Whether you were just diagnosed with a chronic condition like diabetes or are trying to get your high blood pressure under control, our team can provide the right care.

Women’s Health

Whether you’re having a baby, just getting a checkup, or need to address a particular issue, our team provides sensitive, professional services to keep you healthy.

Mental Health

If you or a family member are experiencing depression, anxiety, grief, or a more complex issue, or are struggling with alcohol or drug use, we have the resources and programs to help.

LGBTQ+ Services

From sexual health to mental health to wellness goals, we’re here to provide the LGBTQ+ community with exceptional care – with no fear of judgment.

Healthcare for the Homeless

If you’re currently experiencing homelessness, we can connect you with the services and resources you need to stay healthy.

Laboratory Services

At our onsite labs, we offer a full range of diagnostic tests used to confirm good health or provide early detection of illness.

Dental Care

Our Dental offices provide routine dental care and conduct comprehensive oral examinations, screening, and treatment in our onsite dental suites.

Health Education and Peer Support Groups

If you need information about a medical condition or want tips to improve your health, we offer many educational opportunities including classes, workshops and community events.